We want to solve your problems with our new technologies

We create our own product and also outsource our services.


We design experiences for mobile, web, augmented reality & virtual reality users. Experiences that focuses on people and used by them.


Transform what seems to be passive to your customers into something that is generating active revenue through the use of Gamification.


We are a company that focuses and love making educational games and entertainment games for any player.

Augmented Reality

As part of our core value to provide opportunities to visualize ideas through technology, we provide a service that allows you to bring your ideas to life.

We just provide interactivity and experience the users need.

Our premium objective is to give great educational games, entertainment casual games to the public and great mobile and web application User Experience through our consulting.

We create better interaction and communication by connecting all senses together with the various elements. Kimardamina takes pride in conceptualizing and developing our own game titles and new interactive experiences.

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You can get in touch for a quotation on our UX consulting services or Gamification. If you would like a press release for our games, feel free to contact us as well.

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