Augmented Reality is a technology that makes it easier for you to engage better with your users. As a growing industry, businesses should be looking into how to implement it in their marketing strategy.

Kimard Studio provides you with the knowledge and the technical skill to make all your concept and static ideas into interactive and reality.

We provide training and workshops for organizations to be aware and figure out how to use technology.

We build our own AR products that fit in the restaurant industry and education.

Get an augmented view of your reality with our experiences. Augmented Reality is there to provide an amazing experience through your mobile camera. From learning to advertising.

We pride ourselves in building internal Augmented products and make yours come true as well.

K53 AR is a revolutionary way of learning the code of the road and its signs. The application will be on Android and IOS. Allowing people to learn from real-life context. The application is a fully using Augmented Reality as a technology to trigger audio content about signs you see on the road.
Floor Plan In augmented reality.
Food AR allows users to experience the menu in the most exciting and effective way. It provides deep insights into consumers for the restaurant owner and comfort for the consumer. All they need to do is get in the restaurant, a point on the menu and the food will pop up. By the press of a button, their order already goes into the kitchen to be made.
Augmented Reality Workshop in Lubumbashi
Kimard Studio conducts workshops and training around Africa and this training for conducted to introduce entrepreneurs to Augmented Reality and how they can solve various problems with the technology in their community.
Diskiskills Augmented Reality Application. Developed By Kimard studio